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Renovations of Professional Spaces
Veltsos Cusine - Veltsos Vassilios - Furniture Trade - Kitchen Furniture - Wardrobes
- Armored doors - Children's bedroom - Evia


Veltsos Cusine is a company that specializes in the renovation of business premises. With many years of experience in the field, the company undertakes the renovation of all types of business premises, from shops and offices to restaurants and cafes.

Veltsos Cusine stands out for its professionalism and approach to every project it undertakes. Every renovation starts with the company's visit to the customer's premises. In this initial meeting, renovation specialists listen to the client's needs and preferences and take measurements.

Based on this information, Veltsos Cusine creates a comprehensive computer study. The study includes detailed plans of the space before and after the renovation, as well as options for the type of materials to be used. In this way, the client can have a clear picture of the result of the work.